From start to seedling: Propagating an Asparagus Fern

14 Oct
thumbnail asparagus fern
Commonly referred to as the Asparagus Fern or Foxtail Fern, asparagus atheopicus has been regarded as many things since its discovery. Some call it a majestic ornamental plant, while others simply call it a nuisance. I think it’s safe to...
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Seedling DIY: Romaine Lettuce

16 Aug
For those of us that enjoy a nice salad, Romaine Lettuce is among one of the healthiest varieties commercially available. And While you can purchase these tasty greens from the local marketplace, I personally believe that growing your own is...
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DIY Terrarium: Creating your First Indoors Ecosystem

6 Aug
Over the last weekend, my roommate threw away a fairly large wine jug. For some odd reason, I immediately thought how cool that would look as a terrarium. For those who don’t know.. a terrarium is basically an enclosed ecosystem...
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DIY Solid Wood Planter

11 Mar
So, I’ve had some wooden beams lying around the house and wasn’t sure what to do with them. I thought maybe I could use them as a border for my existing gardens, but quickly found out that they were too...
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6 Tips for Keeping your Container Water Garden Fresh and Healthy

21 Feb
For the people that own container water-gardens, you might notice that your garden isn’t always in perfect condition. If left alone long enough, your once pristine water feature will eventually get crowded, stagnate, or just plain dead.. This is normally...
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How to Make your First Water Garden

18 Feb
Ever since I’ve started my urban garden, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of water plants. I wondered how hard it would be to have a container water garden along-side all of my other soil-bound plants. Is it even...
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Transplanting an Elephant Plant: A DIY Guide for this Evergreen Shrub

6 Feb
thumbnail elephant bush
The other day, as I was walking up the stairs to my apartment, I started to notice that one of my favorite plants was slowly being surrounded by another (more invasive) type. This is my Portulacaria afra. Portulacaria afra, also known...
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